PUMPS (Patch Up My Pretty Soul)

is dedicated to promoting the conscious communication, elevation, and celebration of the female soul. PUMPS offers stationery, apparel, and PRETTY PARTIES to provide various ways for women to express themselves. PUMPS understands that our voice is our power source, which is why there is a demand for its silence during acts of control, authority, and violence. PUMPS aims to raise awareness and encourage women to speak up and practice self-care.

Put on your party shoes and celebrate you.


is to create a community, a sisterHOOD, built on communication (Honest Open Objective Dialog) and healing. Where difficult conversations begin and silence and isolation end.

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is to uplift and provide support like your favorite high-heeled shoe was designed to do. Your soul’s journey to healing can sometimes lead you down a lonely road.

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is to provoke purpose in people.

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