PUMPS high healed shoe cards

Our high-healed shoe cards are designed to inspire and uplift. Each pair features a beautiful designer shoe illustration, with one card containing an inspirational message to inspire you and the other left blank for you to personalize. Packaged in a mini shoebox, our cards come in sets of 5 pairs, with four sets available now. We’ve designed these cards with healing in mind, so you’ll find messages that convey the emotions and feelings associated with the process of healing. Each pair of high-healed shoe cards is secured with a printed belly band that displays the shoe illustrations and messages inside. You can purchase them in pairs or as a boxed set – we’re sure you’ll find at least one pair that lightens your mood and heightens your awareness. At PUMPS, we understand that to heal you have to feel.
I created these cards during my own healing process after experiencing grief. PUMPS are the words I wish I had to help me through my time of need. After the sympathy card, is when grieving starts. 
You are not alone.
Join our community of communication and inspiration.

PUMPS She-shirt

PUMPS She-Shirt (She’s Hurt) are the true definition of a fashion statement. They pair beautiful shoe illustrations with bold statements of empowerment and healing. These conversation pieces should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.  PUMPS knows that it is not easy to have those difficult conversations. PUMPS She-shirt allows you to get it off your chest and back.

    Our inclusive apparel has a beautiful designer shoe with an Inspiring title on the front, complemented by the corresponding words on the back. You can get your message across without saying a word. With PUMPS She-shirts, you will be seen and heard. 


PUMPS womanHOODS are unisex hoodies designed to be worn by both men and women. The brand encourages #Girldads to go beyond just using the hashtag and commit to supporting and protecting all daughters. They also ask brothers to be their sisters’ keepers and sons to show unconditional love to all moms. Wearing these empowering hoodies is a way to show support for this cause.
PUMPS believes that men who feel broken and disrespected cannot be expected to offer women protection. PUMPS also recognize that men have their own struggles and need support. PUMPS aims to achieve balance by bringing people together by joining forces and combining their voices. PUMPS encourage everyone to join the conversation.