PUMPS began some 20 years ago in my home, where I created the first card and envisioned the logo, website and branding. From that first card, I created a total of six cards and packaged them in a mini shoes box lined with logoed tissue paper to mimic opening a box of designer shoes The PUMPS brand expanded to include T-shirts and keychains and opened a kiosk in the mall on the Magnificent Mall in Chicago.

 I created PUMPS to fill a void in the market – a lack of products that address and speak to the issues we, as women, face in life. PUMPS provides support for healing and empowering women to use their voices and make healthy choices. 

There are cards and apparel for all of life’s celebrations, from birthdays, new babies, weddings and graduations. PUMPS provide support for the tough times – the sleepless nights, emotional waves, and the rejections and acceptances that come with college and job applications. PUMPS is also here to support you as you navigate the stresses of cohabitation.

We know that birthdays can bring with them despair, especially when you look in the mirror and see new wrinkles and a few more gray hairs. That’s why we’re here with words to uplift and remind you that every day is a gift.

PUMPS was born out of my own experience with loss – I created it as a way to help myself heal. After the sympathy cards stopped coming, I found myself struggling to cope. PUMPS gave my life new purpose and filled me with hope.

Recently, I’ve realized that I was so focused on helping others through PUMPS that I neglected taking care of myself. That’s why I want to inspire women to practice self-care and become self-aware. With conscious communication, we can all get there.

Remember to take care of your soul with PUMPS.